Saturday, April 13, 2013

Flutter Nutter

Master Samuel turned 8 recently, and being the quirky little fella that he is, he requested a canary for his birthday. He settled on a little yellow birdie which he named Flutter Nutter. First name Flutter, last name Nutter. He considered some alternative names such as Nutty Fluff (ew, makes me think of hairy balls?) and Cannie Can Can (just to overstate the fact that he's a canary). He is very cute and thus far has survived the continual attention of Miss Frannie, who likes to climb up on a step ladder and push her squishy little face up against the cage whilst making various high pitched noises.
Today she took it one step further and said "I could bite your tiny yellow head off", which I take full responsibly for as I often stand and observe Monsignor birdie and imagine how easy it would be to put his tiny head between my teeth. Okay, that sounds a lot worse than it is. The context here is that I find him ridiculously cute and grit my teeth when I talk to him (as I would a kitty or a baby) and as it not possible to inflict the affection I have for him onto him (because his little birdie bones would be instantly crushed), I have to tell him.
You get it. I don't really want to decapitate the bird. I just like him a lot. Anyway, when Annie said it, it was a) ridiculously cute (seriously, imagine her little baby girl voice saying "tiny yellow head") and b) a little worrying because she could easily repeat this at child care. I'm sure they've heard far worse, but I'd prefer them not to think my daughter is a serial killer... because cruelty to animals is, after all, one of the warning signs of a future sociopath. There's a chance she might still well be a sociopath, but lets not jump the gun.

Pantless bird accosting

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